My Ethos

Why Choose PC Licensing?

It is important to have someone you can trust. I take every instruction as if I were the applicant myself.

Whether you are setting out on your first venture, or you are expanding, navigating your way through the various legal processes can be quite daunting.

I offer a relaxed, friendly service. I will outline the whole process for you in layman’s terms and remove the stress from you so that you can carry on with your daily routine knowing that your application is in good hands.

I am based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire and have excellent transport links across England and Wales. I have clients in the North East, North West, South West, Wales, The South and London.

I liaise with the respective authorities and lay down a friendly initial relationship that I can pass on to you.

I want to help clients obtain a workable, profitable licence that works for both their business and the relevant authorities.

My Work Ethic, and how it benefits you

As part of my standard services, I offer comprehensive crime prevention advice. I will conduct a survey on your venue and advise you the best manner in which to protect your property, your assets and your staff against crime. I will cover topics such as dealing with aggressive or abusive customers, shoplifters, CCTV points, drug awareness, fake ID and crime scene preservation. This is charged at my standard consultation fee rate.
My Ethos

My Work Ethic

If you rush something, you’ll often return to fix it later.

I take my time, I want to get to know your business, your ideas, how you have come to where you are. What the issues or pitfalls are or may be, to study the variables and offer advice on a pathway forward and to combat the problems.

I take pride in being asked to assist people and become personally attached to each application that I deal with. Many of my current and past clients will testify to that as you’ll note in my testimonials page.

I have a wealth of policing experience behind me, and many years of dealing with licensed premises both as a police officer, alongside a licensing authority and as a consultant. I use all of my experience to build the early relationships on behalf of clients with the responsible authorities to set them off on the right track.

My experience and my work ethic has one aim, to succeed first time.

A little about me, Peter Conisbee

I retired from the Metropolitan Police in May 2017 with a certificate of exemplary conduct.

My entire career was spent with the Met police. I was first posted to a West London borough in the 1980s and remained there until I transferred to a north London borough in 2005. I spent 25 years of my service in uniformed front line policing, over 20 years of that on emergency response teams, the remainder on a task force. During those years of being a first responder, I experienced and dealt with every facet of front line policing, from helping someone across the road, to the aftermath of terrorism. There were times it was hard, almost painful, but from that I gained strength, strength to continue making a difference wherever I could, no matter how small. I loved being a police officer. To me it was about fairness, about looking after people, standing up to what some feared, and having the conviction of my own moral compass.

The latter years of my service I was a police licensing officer. It was a far cry from racing around, sirens wailing and lights flashing. Now I was sat behind a desk with the ocassional visits to licensed premises. However, this was one of the busiest boroughs of London in terms of licensing with over 1300 licensed premises, so there was no ‘getting comfortable’. I enjoyed this new direction so much that I decided to educate myself further. In 2013 I passed a licensing practitioners course and In 2017 I qualified as a paralegal in licensing law. I am now both a member of the Institute of Licensing, and the Institute of Paralegals.

My Ethos
My Ethos
My Ethos
My Ethos